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Artist Statement -Temporary Transitions 

      The idea of a transitional space is a subject that has intrigued me and inspired my photography. These construction sites range from empty lots, to framed and new houses. All of these places have a feeling of emptiness while at the same time exhibit planned reconstruction. I’m always captivated by the idea of what used to be within these spaces, and what will come next. All of the photographs have been taken with an 8x10 view camera, which was a very popular camera for photographing architecture in the past. Architecture has influenced my photography, but I find more interest in these spaces as they transition into architecture. The view camera has a unique quality of composition, which has helped me capture these spaces in a consistent way showing both the uniqueness and the sameness of these spaces. I have been pushing myself to experiment with this project and the processes of printing the imagery. The view camera paper negatives allow me to contact print in a variety of non-silver printmaking processes. This exploration of process has helped me continually expand my own perception of these temporary spaces. As the process transitions throughout the work, so does each space and moment in time. The two processes that I used are Platinum Palladium and Casein with Graphite. The tonal ranges of the two processes creating a context for the styles of imagery. The casein creates a dark gothic atmosphere for the empty lonely spaces, while the platinum prints display perfect structure and detail within the architecture.

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